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This site is a response to outrageously high energy costs incurred by my own family. In early June of 2008, we needed heating oil to fuel our old hot water heater. To my shock the bill was over $1000! And, an audit of oil used showed we were using over 30 gallons of #2 fuel oil per month, for hot water alone! So, I immediately started thinking of affordable ways to reduce this cost. This site summarizes the measures I am taking along with a lot of information on solar, geothermal, hybrid auto, and other alternative fuels. In summary, this site will provide some useful measures that a household on a budget can take to reduce energy costs.

I designed and built a solar hot water heater at a cost of about $25 that has reduced our summer hot water use by 30%! The (free) plans for this solar hot water heated shower are found on this site. Also, you can see how our friends passively heat their home with sunlight alone on zero degree Fahrenheit days, you can see how I turned our cold and drafty older home into a winter heat miser, and more.

The section on Reducing Heating and AC Costs discusses passive solar design, wood heat, geothermal heat pumps, and how you can take measures to better insulate your home without spending a fortune. The section on Reducing Hot Water costs deals with the measures I took to reduce our hot water energy bill along with a discussion of whole house on-demand hot water heaters, gas vs. electric, and solar hot water heat. And take a look at my unique energy-saving hot water temper tank! The Auto Energy Savings section discusses alternative fuels like hybrid, electric, and fuel cells, as well as measures that the family on a budget can take, including "hypermiling" in the real world. And, lots of resources for the do-it-yourselfer are listed in the DIY Resources section that can save you a lot of money. So make use of this site, and tell your friends! And, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Alternatively, you can contact our local Electricians in St Kilda or local Electricians in Clifton Hill.

save energyUtilize Passive Solar Heat
If you are thinking of building a house, make sure to utilize passive solar heat and natural passive cooling. This is obtained with the use of large windows with a southern exposure and deciduous trees to shade in the summer but allow sunlight through in the winter. To see some photos of such a home and more information, see the Passive Solar Heat page.

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