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Solar Shower Update – 10/04/08

Used the solar shower today as the kids were monopolizing the shower. It was in the high 50′s today and when I took a shower at 4PM it was about 52 degrees. But it was sunny. The water was luke-warm – not too cold but not too warm. It was OK. But this shower had to warm up from some pretty cold temps – it was down in the high 20′s last night!

I have one more improvement that I thought of to try: I am going to put foil face sheathing over the pink dense insulating foam so that the sunlight will reflect down. I believe that with this improvement, my shower could be usable until early November, when things freeze up solid around here. Will do this improvement as soon as possible and post again.

For next summer, I am thinking of making this shower look a bit nicer with a wood slat face and some glass panels made of glass from the pile of old windows I have.  It really is nice to have this extra shower – and it saves a little on our hot water bill as well.