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Tata Nano – World’s Cheapest Car

Welcome the Tata Nano – the world’s cheapest car! They call this the “people’s car”. But wait, wasn’t Hiter’s  German car named “Volkswagon”, which, coincidentally, also means “people’s car”. See Volkswagen History.  The Volkswagen was largely a result of Adolf Hitler’s actions, where engineers of Nazi Germany teamed up with Porshe to create the VW Beetle in the early 1930′s. Another interesting coincidence: The VW Beetle incorporated features from the Czech vehicle manufacturer Tatra!

Aside from those strange coincidences, we see that the Tata Nano is only a bit over 9ft long and sports a two cylinder engine stored in the rear (again like the old VW bug). The top speed of the Tata Nano is about 65MPH. If you have ever had the opportunity to drive a 60′s era bug, you will know that 65MPH was about the top speed for that car as well. There is no AC, radio, or air bags (like the old VW bugs). Gas mileage is reported to be anywhere from 42MPG to 50MPG. (Again like the old bugs).

Make this car a freezer on wheels during winter months in northern Minnesota and I think we can just call it the India Version of the VW Beetle! But even if that were so, I think this car will become a darling with some folks, just like the old VW bugs.

According to some sources, the Tata Nano may be available in the US as early as 2012. I think the Tata Nano will make a nice affordable commuter car for urban areas and slow highways where accidents are rare.