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Solar Shower Time Again!

Solar ShowerUsing a solar shower in March might not be a big deal if you live in Arkansas or Florida, but it is a very big deal in northern Wisconsin! Yes, last night I took my first solar shower as our temps got up in the low 60′s. The water was lukewarm. Not cold, but not overly warm either. But still, in March? Usually, we are still shoveling snow this time of year, and many years all of our snow is not gone until early May!

The solar shower that I redesigned a bit last summer works fantastic! The tightly sealing glass top allows the water to heat up very quickly. In fact, in the 85+ degree sunny days the water is too hot – I must either put in some cold water or wait until after sundown to take a shower. Another thing I could do on those hot days is rig up some sort of shading device to partially shade out the sun on the very hot days. That might be a good project for next summer!

For plans on how to build this shower, see Free Solar Shower Plans.