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Hypermiling In The Real World

Getting 180 miles per gallon in a hybrid vehicle has been reported by competition hypermilers, according to an article at, but are the methods applicable to my commute into work in my conventional vehicle? Let's look at each method used:

So...How Much Can I Improve My MPG With My Non-Hybrid Car?

When you eliminate all of the questionable or downright dangerous hypermiling techniques, you are left with simply keeping your tires properly inflated, properly maintaining your vehicle, lightening up your lead foot, minimizing the need for braking, planning your travel, and reducing air drag and weight. Most, if not all of these practices have been around for decades and are documented at this government site on fuel economy! So what can you save? According to the government site mentioned here, I would estimate that one could possible save as much as 34% based on the averages of what they post, and 13% if you use the minimums posted on this site. Probably the actual amount would lie somewhere between. And, I am guessing that since this site uses data from 1999 probably applying to non-hybrid cars, the savings for a hybrid vehicle might be much more.

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