Cut Hot Water Heating Systems Costs In Half!

Our hot water bill was killing us! We have a 40 year old oil hot water heater. It heats the water fast, but it is inefficient, and sends a lot of heat up the chimney! Our bill has been as high as $120 per month when fuel oil was up at $4/gallon! I planned on going electric, but our older home electric system is maxed out. An option would be to replace our electric range with propane, but we just don't have the 1000-plus dollars to do this right now. Another option is to go with a propane hot water heater. What I plan to do instead, consisted of:

oil hot water heater

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water heater insulating blanket hot water heater blower hot water heater plumbing hot water heater

NEW! Watch the video of this hot water heater recovery system on my blog!