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Gas costs are killing us these days, even though the majority of our driving is done with a fairly fuel efficient 2003 Kia Rio Cinco. Still, I am currently looking into improving my gas mileage of 31 MPG through better driving practices, and I am investigating different alternative technologies for future vehicles.

The hybrid electric car is currently being produced by every major auto manufacturer. Prices are becoming more affordable, and improvements in design are occurring. A discussion of hybrid cars, along with advantages and disadvantages, is given on this page.

Recently, the practice of "hypermiling" has gotten attention on the news. Reports of getting over 100 mpg with an ordinary passenger car? Go to this page on Hypermiling in the Real World to to read about what you should and shouldn't do. Also, get an idea of what you can realistically save in the way of better gas mileage through some of the reported hypermiling techniques.

Read up on the exciting new developments in electric cars and fuel cell vehicles at this page on Alternative Vehicles. On this page, the dates for public availability are also discussed.

Check out our blog posts on recent auto developments. Read about the 70 MPG Car To Be Priced at $7000 that is being developed! Also, read about the Solar Car that will go 0-50 in 6 seconds and the 300 MPG Aptera being developed!

my 31 MPG SUV
My 31 MPG "SUV"- Can carry a canoe, camping gear, and half a dozen 2x4's for a lot of "Sport" and "Utility"!

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