Directory of Sites With Facts About Solar Energy - How Does It Work?

Facts about Solar Energy at - Wikipedia covers how we derive energy from the sun and applications of solar energy like how it is used in building, lighting, heating, water treatment, and automotive uses. This is a well documented article with sources and notes listed as well as external links. I would highly recommend this page as a starting point for learning more about solar energy.

How Does Solar Energy Work by NASA gives a very simple explanation on how photovoltaics work. A basic photovoltaic cell, which we commonly call a solar cell is illustrated in its simplest form. They explain how a semiconductor wafer is modified to form an electric field which then is powered by light striking the cell.

How Solar Cells Work - This How Stuff Works site gives an intro to solar cells, discusses photovoltaic cells, details how solar cells are made from silicon, gives a nice illustration of the parts of a solar cell, and discusses applications of solar cells including powering a house. This is a great site to learn a good amount of information.

Do you have a site with some good information on Solar Energy that you wish to add to this site? I will include up to 10 resources on this page. Contact me to suggest your site.

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